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RANGER is your specialist  in "Cool Roof" Systems.

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of any building project, and installing new roofs and repairing old ones is one of the most difficult jobs in the construction industry. In addition, the roof has the most impact on the performance and durability of the building itself, of any of the other four walls. It suffers the most exposure, the most wear and tear, and the most deterioration.

Advances in the roofing industry have now provided roofing materials that are leak proof, hail proof, fire proof, and storm proof. Some of these materials can also increase your roof's heat and UV reflectivity and emissivity to a level that may lower your utlity consumption by 18-25%. You can now project how quickly your roof will pay for itself by the energy savings it provides your building. and that is at todays rates. Due to the instability of energy prices, the payback period will only get better.
Gone are the days of cheap roof material, to be replaced every 10 years. The materials have become too expensive to throw away frequently, and the landfills no longer want this material. The materials available today can actually last 25 years or more, with proper maintenance. "Lifetime" roof systems are now a reality. In addition, the advances in rooftop power generating systems are dependent on a no-maintenance, "cool roof" system to attach to. This is where the commercial roofing industry is headed.

Ranger is a commercial roofer in Houston that specializes in commercial "cool roof" systems for all roof types. We install roof systems that are high performance, energy efficient, code compliant, and add long term value to the building. Our motto is "repair, restore, then replace". Many roof systems are repairable or restorable; however, our goal is to provide permanent roofing solutions. With proper planning and materials this is now possible.