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About Us

RANGER is a roofing contractor in Houston that strives to provide top quality, forward thinking, building-code compliant, innovative roofing solutions to both business owners and homeowners at competitive prices in Houston, Galveston and the surrounding areas.

Whether commercial or residential, our three step approach of "restore, repair, then replace" offers a fully customized service which seeks out the best, most cost effective, long-term value solution for your individual project. You can be confident that as your roofing contractor in Houston we will review and discuss all available options for the repair or restoration of your roof before we consider the need for replacement.

If replacement is necessary, we consider all available criteria in order to provide you with the longest lasting, best performing, and most cost effective roofing solution available. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the "last roof you will ever need".

We specialize in the following roof systems:
A single-layer rolled roof product.
A white TPO or PVC material that is very reflective and heat emissive. It retains less heat and cools down quicker than aspahalt based products. It is heat welded at the seams to ensure a watertight roof system. It is the only material available that is warrantied for ponding water. It makes a flat roof system a very functional and efficient roof system, as opposed to the problems associated with asphalt materials. It is also 60% lighter than an asphalt built-up roof system.

Properly installed it can become a lifetime roof.
Rapidly becoming the primary choice for re-roofing by the insurance industry, stone coated steel is a virtually fire proof, hail proof, hurricane proof roof, and weighs in at 1/6 that of a conventional shingle or tile roof. It is a strong but lightweight 26 ga.Galvenised steel panel with a bonded granular stone coating, which comes in 3 primary profiles and a dozen attractive colors. It comes with a 50 year product and a 25 year appearance warranty. In addition, due to the air space between the roof deck and the steel panel, it functions as a "cool roof" system. With its durablity and performance it is effectively a lifetime roof.
Metal roofs and asphalt roofs are notorious for their "heat island" effect in the Texas climate. The temperature extremes, and the direct UV exposure, are very difficult on fasteners, tapes and adhesives. In addition, metal panels rust at a rapid rate in these conditions. A white elastomeric coating can drastically reduce the heat island effect of a roof, in addition to stopping any further rust or deterioration of the roof system from the elements. By becoming the sacrificial roof barrier it allows the underlying system to be a lifetime roof.